Monday, May 12, 2008

Watercoloring On Your Stamps

This idea was shared by a awesome downline. Love the look with flower stamps. You will need watercolored pencils, stamps, fine water mist spray bottle and cardstock.

First spritz your stamp very lightly with water. (If you do tooo much the water will pool and make a muddy mess when you add color.) Then take your color choice of watercolor pencils. I took a bright pink and a purple watercolor pencils. Color just the outline of the stamp with the purple. I then went back and added pink to the center of the flower. Stamp this onto your cardstock.

Lightly spritz the stem of the flower and add green colored pencils to the edges to the stamp. Stamp this onto your cardstock.

I again spritzed the stamp lightly and added color to the flower center edge in blue, stamp down into flower. Stamp this into your center of the flower on your cardstock.

This is the finished card with the papers layered and BGTP and ribbon.


Robb, Lesley, and Stephanie said...

That is beautiful, I can't wait to try it.

Nevis said...

WOW! Super cool! I really love that. Thanks for the tutorial!

Petra said...

this is so cool, what a great technique. Thank you for sharing.